Pre-Board Pals is a partnership between The Calgary Airport Authority and Calgary’s Pet Access League Society (PALS) that brings canine pals to the airport to enhance the passenger experience. 

The therapy dogs, with their volunteer side-kicks in tow, will roam the terminal and greet visitors to YYC during peak travel times every Thursday to Saturday. Whether you are having a ruff day or just love dogs, we are pawsitive that YYC’s Pre-Board Pals will add a smile to your day.

Although for some therapy animals interaction is not encouraged, the opposite is true with our Pre-Board Pals team!  The therapy dogs are easily identifiable with their red “pet me” vests, white bandanas and human companions.  Please get all the love you need!

If you are interested in volunteering please visit

About PALS

PALS is a non-profit organization providing regular pet therapy visits to senior citizens, children, teenagers and adults at over 50 facilities in Calgary including the Alberta Children’s Hospital, Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Centre, Women’s Emergency Shelter. Through pet therapy, PALS is helping to improve the mental, physical, social and emotional health of the over 31,000 Calgarians every year. For additional information about PALS call 403-250-7257 or visit us online at


Tricks:Tricks? I don’t do tricks
Name: Ava
Breed: Bernese Mountain Dog
Age: Four
Loves: Belly rubs
Tricks: Shake a paw, and speak
Name: Bios
Breed: Havanese
Age: Eight
Loves: Car rides
Tricks: Play dead (bang)
Name: Charlie
Breed: Bichon Shih Tzu
Age: Ten
Loves: Ear scratches
Tricks: Roll over
Name: Clifford
Breed: Red Labrador Retriever
Age: Six
Loves: Stuffed animals
Tricks: How to beg
Name: Darby
Breed: Golden Doodle
Age: Four
Loves: Belly rubs
Tricks: Gives hugs and kisses
Name: Bunny
Breed: Sheltie
Age: Six
Loves: Tummy tickles
Tricks: Makes food disappear
Name: Callie
Breed: Golden Retriever
Age: Five
Loves: Her little sister, Bisou
Tricks: Kisses
Name: Cardhu
Breed: Golden Retriever
Age: Six
Loves: Yogurt and Kleenex
Tricks: Shake-a-paw
Name: Dutch
Breed: Golden Retriever
Age: Six
Loves: All food and people
Tricks: Shake a paw
Name: Ella
Breed: Bichon Shih Tzu cross
Age: Eight
Loves: Bananas
Tricks: Dancing
Name: Falcor
Breed: Cocker Bichon Cross
Age: Eleven
Loves: Being petted
Tricks: Dance and twirl
Name: Finnegan
Breed: Yellow Lab
Age: Six
Loves: Unmaking beds
Tricks: Chewbacca impression
Name: Gabby
Breed: Portuguese Water Dog
Age: Eight
Loves: Back scratches
Tricks: Shake-a-paw
Name: Hudson
Breed: Mixed
Age: Five
Loves: Animal crackers
Tricks: High five
Name: Maddy
Breed: Shepherd Cross
Age: Three
Loves: His sisters Miko & Dani
Tricks: Singing
Name: Mandy
Breed: Mixed Mexican Rescue
Age: Six
Loves: Stealing Socks
Tricks: Paw, other paw & high five
Name: Merlot
Breed: Lab Cross
Age: Nine
Loves: Ear scratches
Tricks: Sitting up
Name: Molly
Breed: Lhasa Apso Poodle
Age: Seven
Loves: Long walks
Tricks: Tricks? Not me!
Miss Moneypenny
Name: Miss Moneypenny
Age: Three
Breed: Rottweiler
Loves: Hiding her toys
Tricks: Keeping 007 in line